Your feed, my site

Does any one know if it is legal/appropriate to publish someone else’s feed on my site without their knowledge or permission?

Is a feed considered public domain like articles published through the various press release sites?

If any one has some first hand experiences in this matter I would love to hear your thoughts. I’m thinking of publishing feeds on some of my portal sites as partial content. Here is an example (I have permission for this one)

I think that is Ok as long as you ask their premission first or you can contact them via email…besides it can increase their traffic… :smiley:

Feeds are not public domain, just as the movies you rent, the television programs you watch and the books you purchase are not public domain.

Feeds are meant to generate subscribers for the original author, not for others to use them without permission.

it sounds like i used part of your content, I won’t take all , i will leave some for u , u won’t mind

is that make sense???

You seem to be confused, articles published through press release websites are not considered public domain, in fact nothing is public domain unless the author explicitally licenses it as such. It is very simple to understand, unless you have express written permission or permission through a license (which allows you to use the information), you cannot use that content. Copyright is automatically applied in many countries worldwide and taking their feeds, content or any other unique generated material without their permission is copyright theft, plain and simple. It doesn’t matter how content is served, whether through a feed or posted to a website content is content and as such is only allowed to be used by the creator unless you have permission. :slight_smile:

This can always be done all the time as long as you keep the structure of te original content in tact or directly linking to the original one within your site.

Seeking permission might be a good opportunity to build relationships, too – especially if your site helps them attract new visitors.

Placing those contents on your site is safe if you keep the article structure in tact. The bio box (in case of the article directories) should be published as a whole or you link to the original site.

As long as you link/give credit to orig source you should be good.

You can use my full site feed on your site at: <snip>

I think you should first view the license of that site.

or , that will be considered as rip-off.

No that’s my site and content. I am allowing anyone to use it.

And it says “Use our full rss feed on your site” right at the top of the page.

Why would the mod castrate my link off of my post? :frowning:

As the edit note points out, it’s because we do not accept self-promotional links here.