News feeds legal?

Is it legal to use news feeds ?

I meant to ask that can I use news feeds from others news sites to serve my customer ?

I want to serve my customer in every aspect as much I can from all the spheres. So I wanna include the news feeds too.

Hence I wanna know are there any legal boundations for using news feeds or I can use?

One thing I want to mention that I wont use it for commercial purpose, rather just to show them on one of my pages with some highlights and what the topic is all about. And for full article the users have to go to the news site.

News feeds, like all other original works of substance, are protected by copyright. Copyright gives the copyright holder (the author or the author’s employer, typically) exclusive rights to copy and distribute the work. That means you have no rights to publish the news feed on your site (this is copying and distribution) without permission.

You might want to look at fair use. Fair use is only a defense to copyright infringement in very limited circumstances, as you’ll read.