News feeds as content

are news feeds from other sites good to make fresh in the websites
are they effectives

I can’t quite understand what you’re trying to say.

News feeds as in RSS feeds? Twitter feeds?

What do you mean by fresh? Do you mean ‘is it innovative’?

I don’t know if they’re really effective (I assume you mean this as you use the word effectives), simply because it’s not your content.


hi thanks yes
i am taking rss from some major media , and posting them automatically in some of my pages , is that good , bad or just OK for googlee
thanks again

i would say probably notbecause the feed will just be duplicate content of another website

Well, that turns it into…not really your site…unless your site is a central point where people can see RSS Feeds.


That would depend upon the terms of use that the major media applies to their content – feed or otherwise. I’d sure err on the side of caution before I found myself head to head with something like CNN or The New York Times.

As ‘ShyFlower’ points out DO read the news providers terms & conditions first,
some will actually let use one use the content in exchange for a backlink.

DO NOT use javascript to grab/embed RSS feeds (like this), because any passing search
engine will only see the javascript not the actual content of the feed. Fetch the
information server side using file_get_contents, cURL, or even as JSON with a
Yahoo Pipe (an ugly hack for where the webhost objects to fgc or curl being used )
This allows the text to be included directly into the page HTML so it can be read
by search engines and you get some small SEO benefit.

Avoiding being punished for duplicate content… short of re-writing all the articles a
little personal flavour can be achieved by replacing specific words or phrases so that
the text is not an exact match to the original.

For example:

Microsoft = Micro$oft
Wounded = Injured
New York = Big Apple
Crook = villain

An RSS feed is not really going to fool Google into thinking that you are posting original content. You will need to rewrite the articles at some level in order for the engine to interrupt it as fresh. It may be a better use of your time to write small fresh and relevant pieces that are related to your niche. The time you spend rehashing the old could be spent writing something new. Small and new may be better than long and massively distributed in the eyes of Google.

so please would you advice me to stop
i wanted just some latest news in my site with less effort
i want no trouble and some times it is difficult to understand those media guidelines

They’re a really good thing for the websites themselves, as you’re providing them with backlinks. That’s why sites like the BBC offer news feeds.

You get regularly updated content on your site, so your visitors have something new to read. However, that content links to the news provider (such as the BBC), giving them the traffic (not you). As far as Google is concerned, the content you’re adding is duplicate as it’s a feed from another site, so it won’t do you any good from an SEO point of view.

If SEO and rankings are your concern, stop using feeds and write your own content. If you just want to give your visitors regular content without doing any work, then keep using the feeds.

You can create recent post section for your statis website with rss feed widget or you can show facebook page activity with live straem box similar to rss widget. But do not use others feed intend to rank your site. This will give negative result.

RSS Feeds are great to show in your sidebar (or on occasion in the main content of a page) if they are related to the content of the site. To take someone else’s content and to create a post from it is plagiarizing, and against the Terms Of Service of most sites. It can get your site taken down, your hosting account suspended, and if you mess with the wrong people, you can be facing legal action. News articles are copyrighted, just the same as pictures/videos from news sites, and trust me they do take action against people who use their content without permission.

I don’t think new feeds alone are sufficient to make up your site’s content. One thing you can do is feature news feeds on your site, write commentaries about them, and ask your visitors to comment and rate on the articles.

It will helps now visitors have fresh up to news with one click of Feed.

So does a search engine. Why would I go to a news feed site when I can get more and better results from a Google or Yahoo news search?

You shouldn’t have to click to update the contents of a feed though, it’s normally automagic.

Off Topic:

I like your word “automagic”. Seems like that’s a good word for much of today’s technology. :slight_smile:

I see it used quite a lot these days - things happening automagically. I like it too :slight_smile:

Using other site’s news feeds as content sounds like an autoblog and not a traditional website. You could make the content unique by rewriting it in your own words. You will never get steady traffic if you are just repeating another site’s content.

However, rewriting someone else’s content is called a “derivative work”. If you want to write something in your own words, you research several sources and give credit where credit is due. For instance, "According to… " or “The Times reports that…”. And you make sure that you don’t quote without their permission.