If I run a blog which pulls information from other blogs as well as post my own information how helpful will that be to my own SEOing of my website? For example if my site is about technology and I pull RSS feeds from other technology based websites that post on my blog and give a link to read the rest of the article on that site (pingback) and i post my own content frequently how helpful is that to my SEOing?


Does the site you’re going to pingback post pingbacks on the page?

What kind of PR do these pages have?

How many links are on these pages?

Are the links marked nofollow?

Do you have their permission to publish their RSS feed?

im not sure if they publish, i will try some do have nofollow and some do not. they have a feed there to subscribe to.

Which does not imply they’re giving up their exclusive right to distribute their content. If you publish someone’s RSS feed without permission you are infringing their copyright. Just be sure to keep that in mind when planning your site.

well then i will have to contact them but to my question how helpful or harmful can this idea be in regards to SEO?

Generally publishing others’ content is not helpful. The pages will be identified as duplicate content and not rank well for any searches.

great, so that means running several blogs and writing custom content for each :X