Best: Need to make Feed from all my websites and put them into one.. Know Who?

If I want to take the feed from my websites, hubpages, etc. And make them into one how can I do this? With what website or program can I do this? The best one possible would be of help. Thank You!

Yahoo pipes Might not be it… I need one that will give me a feed that I can then submit to aggregators/ directories to save me time.

Use Yahoo! Pipes.

well I trust yahoo, thanks :slight_smile:

Actually it might not be what I want after all.

It lets you take multiple feeds and make them into one. Isn’t that what you asked for?

well, yes I wasn’t as specific about a purpose tho… Will this run all the feeds on a single page and allow me to submit them to aggregators/ directories?

HOLY! This page got indexed BY GOOGLE IN Like 20 MINUTES HOLY !?!?!?!?

Google picks up new threads on SPF within minutes, yeah. The crawler is here 24/7, along with most large forums.

As for your question, you’d have to read the Yahoo! Pipes terms/guidelines. A pipe is just like any other RSS feed, it’ll work anywhere the original feeds worked, as long as you have permission to use it for that purpose.

Alright, I’ll read the book this time, Thanks.

Hi, I have never ever done this kind of mechanism and i think i will definitely give this a try.