Yii 1.x.x developer wonders where to go next?

Maybe this should be in Web Development, but anyhow…

I have been happily coding away in Yii for the past (5?) years. And then mobile happened. And now I’m faced with these customer demands:

  • responsive websites
  • mobile apps

So, back to school! But which school? After reading a lot about all the new technology that developed over the past years, I reached these conclusions. But I’m not sure at all if I’m doing the wise thing. Your feedback/help will be greatly appreciated.
I’m not interested in nitpicking or super-optimization. I just want to learn skills that will last for 2 to 3 years and give reasonable results for mid-sized applications.

My intentions:

  • For responsive web apps I will learn Yii 2.0 and Bootstrap, so I didn’t waste the last years learning Yii.
  • For mobile apps I will learn to use Android Studio and later maybe Swift for Apple.
  • I will get myself familiar with the MEAN stack. Mostly because it seems versatile and it’s hyping. I’m a bit in the dark about the use of the MEAN stack for development for both responsive (web)apps and mobile.

Feel free to scold me and point to a conversation where this subject has been tackled already.

You’ll have a lot to learn, if you start learning the MEAN stack and you will probably won’t need to learn Yii2, if you decide to run off of the MEAN stack.



Don’t get stuck on “MEAN”, I see people do that often.

The MEAN stack is just a buzzword, nothing more. Probably the most buzzwordy buzzword I’ve seen in the last 5 years. You can use any piece of it individually. You can switch out Mongo for MySQL or Postgres or Couch or whatever else. You can switch Express out for Koa or Sails or Hapi or whatever else. You can switch out Angular for React or Ember or Backbone or whatever else. You can switch out Node for … well you can’t really switch this one, but you get the point. (I think IO.js is dead now it’s been merged back to Node)

But, it’s much easier to say MEAN than it is PKRN or MHEN.

Just learn Node.js and it’s ecosystem if you go this route. If it happens to use Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node.js, that’s fine as long as you’re not married to the idea of “using MEAN”.


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