Interview with Mark Safronov, author of "Web App Development with Yii 2"

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I’ve made it no mystery that I work with Yii and enjoy using it. I’m somewhat of an old school guy and don’t mind reading a book to get started. I like the way they normally give you a gradual introduction to something you want to gain knowledge about. It’s a more subtle way to start with something and you don’t immediately drown in the huge amount of information.

That’s the way I started on Yii 1.1 some years ago. Unfortunately, I tossed the book I used back then half way through; it went too slow for me. Going over simple things repeatedly made me lose my interest quite fast. I wanted to learn more, faster. I had a whole bunch of ideas in my head and I wanted to find out how to realize them.

We’re a few years down the road and with the introduction of Yii 2.0 I let myself be tempted yet again by a book before starting some serious work with Yii 2.0. With mixed experiences in mind I started on a copy of Web Application Development with Yii 2 and PHP and ended up pleasantly surprised.

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