What should I do to prepare to move into web app development?


I am crrently a web designer/developer. I have skills in HTML5, CSS3 and some basic Javascript, jQuery, PHP and MySQL. The company I work for will be soon looking into creating an app for their website.

What I would like to ask is what kind of things I should look into if I wish to branch out into helping teh development of web apps. I am based in the UK, so any courses at colleges or universities that anyone could suggest would be great.

Any other advice would be welcome.


I’m not sure I would recommend college or university courses if you already have a basic knowledge of JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. It is very difficult for the schools to keep up with the fast changing technology involved in building web applications.

A local college here has been having problems getting a program in Mobile Computing off the ground, because they have to keep changing their proposed curriculum and then have to go through all the red-tape of getting approval from the Ministry of Education. Then they are too late to offer it for the upcoming year. This has been going on for the last five years.

Find out from here which languages and which level you would need and then do some searching on the internet for online courses such as the ones offered here at SitePoint Premium, or at lynda.com or Udemy. They are most likely to be up-to-date.

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In today’s world, a lot of web apps are using JavaScript frameworks extensively. If you learned some about one of the major ones such as Angular or React, that might be time well spent.

Or better than that, is there someone you can just ask? There might be a developer or someone who would know the planned technology stack for these apps and you could just target one of the languages or frameworks they intend to use, go straight to the source?

I taught myself how to make web apps. Enough information is online there for you to learn it without paying a penny. Pixel2Life is a good website. Also Udemy have a free web development course on there.

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