So much to learn, so little time

So here’s the deal: I’m a fairly experienced programmer/web developer and I’m seeing all these new’ish technologies I want to study. Some of which I already know quite well and others not so well. But with so much to learn and so little time, where do you start?

  • HTML5 (I’m intermediate)
  • CSS3 (I’m intermediate)
    • Blueprint (I know it’s a CSS grid layout and that’s about it)
  • MySQL (I’m intermediate)
  • jQuery (Know nothing)
  • Ruby (Beginner)
  • RoR (Beginner)
  • Joomla (Beginner, looking for advanced knowledge)
  • Using Amazon Web Services like S3 within sites

What do you guys do? Do you focus on one or learn a bit of everything? What do you think of these technologies? Anything you’d pass up?

I know my strengths are in programming and my weaknesses are with visual design but it’s just all so tempting!

Personally, I learn what I need to know as I need to know it. However, I do web developing as more of a hobby and very rarely as a profession. The difference; hobbies cost money, professions make money. My answer may not apply.


If you’re curious about all, then I say take a peck at all. That’d be the best way to choose.

For me, I learnt as I needed. I knew what I wanted a website to do, then set about googling until I figured out how to achieve it, so I didn’t allow myself a whole lot of choice.

Perhaps you might want to focus on whichever technologies seem best suited for mobile?

That could maybe give you an edge in coming years.


if you are more the front end programmer than I would really recommend Jquery. It has made my life so much easier when dealing with ajax related stuff.

Mobile apps also seem to be a big thing now a days but learning objective c sure can bring tears to ones eyes.

Why don’t you try to learn them all? I’d recommend doing that.

I try to learn each step as I go, but sometimes if I know I’m up for the challenge, I take the full dive in.

just mentioning few wont do there are many try to get hold of them, good luck.

Thanks for the feedback! I’m really excited about Ruby and RoR but does anybody have a good resource about predominant technologies used for mobiles?

Personally i feel to be master in any one where none can hold my hand rather than learn everything little little…