How to become a full stack developer?

I know the following technologies :

  • HTML
  • CSS
    *Javascript (have read most of the YDKJS books and JS:The good parts)
    *NodeJS ( Have read the Getting started with mean )
    *Express (Same book as above)
  • MongoDB (Just how to use it with Mongoose )
  • Angular (Learnt that 2-3 years back)
  • Angular 2 (Watched Angular 2: the complete guide and Learn Angular 2 BY BUILDING 12 PROJECTs on Udemy)
  • PHP (Couple of books 2-3 years back)
  • Mysql
  • Laravel
  • Bootstrap
  • Semantic UI
  • and a couple more small JS libs

I want to know what else to learn and how to learn them? I have learnt those technologies but I am not a master at any.
My goals are :

  • Know a Stack in and out (become an expert)
  • Know Server System management
  • Know how to create real world apps
  • Best design practices to do the above
  • A good workflow for Web Devs
  • How to design good looking web sites

Can anyone list what to learn and give me a learning path for that? Also where to learn it from would be good.

Hi there @jsourav01 welcome to the forums. You obviously have a lot of knowledge there. Rather than try to learn something else, what are you doing to put the skills you have learned to use?

Any skills, but web development skills in particular, can become out-dated very quickly.

I havent done some miniature project and 1 or 2 relatively big projects.

But I dont feel confident about the stuff I know.
Because of the low amount of practical work I dont have much to show.

Because of so many technologies out there whatever I learn this month, its gets outdated by the time I am ready to use it and I have to learn some other stuff.

I dont know whether I am making any sense.

Now after thinking a lot I feel I need a proper goal and proper learning path with a lot of practical work.

How should I proceed?

If all you do is learn more technologies then you will just end up chasing rainbows.

I think that’s the key. If you set yourself a goal then you can start to plan what to do to reach that goal.

It is certainly practical experience you need, so what can you do to get that experience?

I know that I have to create sites and that will give me the experience I need.

Can you suggest some good projects or sites that i can try to create which will give me a lot of experience.

I dont want to-do or chatbox like example.

One option - by no means the only one - would be to find a local charity or community group that doesn’t have a website and offer to create one for them for free or at a reduced rate. You might want to set a limit as to how much work is free. Then again, it might not appeal to you…

Thanks for the prompt replies.

Will applying for freelancing online be a good idea?

The first thing to do is to look at the job opportunities in your area (or the area you want to work in). What skills are in demand there? Those are the skills you need to concentrate on developing. Just reading a book is NOT the same as knowing. Being able to apply those skills in a manner beyond what’s in the book is what you need to prove.

Freelancing online is a hit/miss option because you’ll be severely underpaid for the work you do, and you’ll usually not be able to use that to boost your profile. If you’re willing to do it for the experience, then by all means. But often they want a lot for a little, and a number abuse the relationship to get more than they’re willing to pay for.

A charity, community group or open source project would probably get you more “bang for your buck”. Find opportunities to contribute and develop a reputation and a portfolio (I’ve been able to use Open Source contacts as job references before). That reputation

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Thanks. I will look for open source projects to contribute to.

Can someone here sort of mentor me? I just want guidance on what to do like a path to follow.

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