WWE Wrestling

Hey, is anyone on here a WWE Wrestling fan?

I used to be a few years ago, with my brother. In fact, ever since I was a kid I was a fan, we both were. We used to have the toy rings and the wrestlers, heh. We watched it all the time, we had our favourites of course. Mine were Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, whilst my brother preferred Batista, Triple H, and HBK. We went to see them live back in 2007 and even bought one of the overpriced t-shirts, but then I realised it was all fake and because of that I started noticing all of the fake moves and realised I had been blinded.

It still find it entertaining though, and that’s what it is - Entertainment. The atmosphere in the arenas is amazing and the wrestlers themselves, I find them very entertaining and funny to watch and listen to.

So, are there any fans or former-fans on here? Who are your favourite wrestlers, if any?

Lastly, I absolutely love this video on YouTube showing Ric Flair’s nosedives / flops! Could somebody tell me what the music is that’s played in the video? I think there may be 3 different pieces. I just love the one from 0:50 - 1:12! :smiley:



Hell yeah man, I’m still watching WWE at 27 y/o. Never outgrew this ****, most guys my age went to UFC. To me, WWE has been on a slide since 2006, when WWE went PG. The reason they went PG was because of Vince’s wife, Linda, decided to run for Senate in CT. When she fails, and she will fail, they can go back to the Adult Demographic which makes up 60% of their audience. Linda’s Senate run doesn’t want any baggage to give her opponent amnution to use in the election.

My favorite wrestlers are: Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Austin, and The Rock.

Oh yeah, Brock Lesnar is back. Here comes the pain!

Do you remember the stretcher match (think it was either 2002 or 2003) between Brock Lesnar and the Big Show? That was a crazy match. I saw another match on a highlights dvd where them same two broke the ring! Brock superplexed Big Show off the top rope!

My favourite two are The Rock and Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

I miss the Dudley Brothers (did they retire from wresting).

I’ve watched it a couple of times recently, I don’t recognise many of the names probably most of the ones I remember have either retired or moved acros to the other wresting series like TNA

WCW was pretty entertaining. WWF was good, but about the time the show became WWE I lost interest.

Does anyone remember an announcer some years ago who was short and bald? I’m trying to remember his name.

lol I remember WWF when Big Van Vader ruled and Undertaker was the noobie!
Top fav’s - The Rock, HHH and Taz.

Lee, I remember watching that match when the ring broke! it was a great match all round.
The Dudleys are both in TNA but as singles competitors. Bubba is now Bully Ray and D’von is [URL=http://www.impactwrestling.com/roster/Wrestler-Roster/item/2313-Devon]Devon

Doug, do you mean Gene Oakerlund?

Doug, do you mean Gene Oakerlund?
Yes!! Thank you!

I remember Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, and the Machoman :lol:
A long long time ago…

well i like WWE when i was a grown up kid

I used to love wwe, till i realised it was fake!!! Still watch it now and than :stuck_out_tongue:

The first match I ever watched was the day Hulk Hogan beat the Iron Sheik for his first WWF title - back when the major titles actually changed hands on regular tv and not the PPVs.

I used to watch it faithfully, especially during the “attitude era” and the days of the WWF/WCW wars, and the days when the promos were done by the stars themselves, not by the script writers backstage. Back when rivalries meant something and tag teams were truly teams (Hart Foundation, British Bulldogs, Road Warriors, New Age Outlaws). Back when they didn’t take themselves so seriously, and each week wasn’t just a build up to the next pay per view…

Nowadays, I’ll watch it if there’s nothing else on, and even that’s getting less and less. There aren’t many who can work the mic as well anymore, so they bore me - maybe CM Punk and Cena, with the occasional one from the Rock (who had a great promo when he came back, but pretty much sucked with the exception of one or two on the build up to Wrestlemania).

TNA used to be enjoyable when they had the six sided ring, but became a WWE retread when they switched (and brought a bunch of washed up stars with them - Angle, meh; Dudleys - fouled them up big time; RVD - please; Flar and Hogan should have retired 10+ years ago), and lost all their momentum and have resulted to bad scripting which has less direction than the WWE had now. ugh!

I love Steve Austin! I used to watch WWF but not now already.

I’m a Huge WWE fan, I tune in every week to watch both raw & smackdown my favorite supstars are John Cena, Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton.
I know it’s all scripted, but what you have understand is that if thing don’t go as planned, there’s always chance that someone might really get hurt.

I love wwe. I love rock. Who is your ?

I am waiting very curiously for John Cena V/S Rock. I don’t know when TEN sports will telecast this monster show!!! Mine fav is, Opponent of your fav, Yes it is JOHN CENA.

Well my brother and his mates went to UFC, but I can’t stand it personally. I only tend to watch some Wrestling videos on YouTube but don’t spend time watching it in front of the TV anymore. I prefer the older generation wrestling too, not the wrestling of today.

Does anyone have any idea what the musical pieces are in the YouTube video?

Sure, its all one piece and its from the Opera Carmen by Bizet. Its called March of Toreadors and here is a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8SGYkiVsSY

WWE is my favorite entertainment topic.I watch it regular.I have never missed any fight on that time i started to watch

My favorite wrestlers are Rey mysterio,John Cena, Randy Orton and Rock…

My favourite one is stone cold steve austin.

Me too, WWE is my favourite entertainment but i don’t have time to watch since i got a job. My favorite wrestlers character was rey mysterio, eddie guerero, undertaker, chris benolt, the rock and kurt angle.

I am the fan of Wrestling and I don’t miss program of it and my favorite is JOHN CENA