WWE Wrestling

yeah i love wwe it;s such a entertaining wrestling. but i miss The rock nad Stone cold

haha i enjoyed the ric flair video. my favorite wrestler growing up was sting. i wished he would have gone to wwe after they bought out wcw.

It’s always fun to watch WWE, John Cena is best :slight_smile:

I used to watch WWE a lot, but for now, less and less free time for it, I love WWE

I like Cena, Brocklesner has too much of power and I think Goldberg needs to come back and break him down… What a match would that be!

the match between cena and rock was worth watching in wrestle mania

I have touched Rey Mysterios face

I used to love it until it turned into a talk show. Or maybe i’m just watching the wrong one on USA. I’ve moved on to FFA now because me pow and less jaber jaber jaber.

I am huge fan of WWE. I love Shawn Michaels vs undertaker match. In that match HBK retires himself after the match.

But i hate Ric Flair.

yea that match was a classic. undertaker has never lost a match in wrestle mania

i love wwe wrestling and love to watch online.

My best part for the WWE came when Rock is cooking like star. I really missing that energy now a days in the wrestlers. The two legends who made me crazy with their fantastic moves and game like cheating fox to the hard rock. I am talking about chris benoit and eddie guerrero.

Cena, Randy Ortom, HHH, Shawn & Taker is my favorite in WWE. And the best event in WWE is Wrestlemania.