WWE fans

Alaberto del rio won royal rumble. Are you ready to accept it. Still will you continue to watch WWE? WWE need to become transparent. They are making fool us. Am I right?

i didn’t get your point.what you want to say?

The WWE does need to become transparent. I’m starting to believe it’s all staged. :shifty:

McStompin that’s just plain crazy!! :eek:

Ah the WWE days, I stopped watching once Ric Flair and the Horsemen got pushed back into the shadows :nono: oh…and the introduction of all the women wrestlers :rolleyes: gimme a break!

What I want to know is who’s idea was it to interrupt my sci-fi shows on the syfy channel with sweaty, muscle-bound men with frowny faces hitting each other with folding chairs :unhappy:

I was watching a WWE highlights DVD once, it showed a match Brock Lesner Vs The Big Show and Brock threw the Big Show off the top rope, the ring broke!

Hazel, what type of match do you think is the craziest? I think that the stretcher matches are the craziest. I saw one where Brock Lesner had to use a fork lift truck to get the Big Show over the line.

I remember that match too SP, great entertainment! Now Lesnar is in MMA and fighting properly and doing quite well - although he did get his butt handed to him on a blood stained plate by a pro boxer who mashed him with pure technique and won the Heavyweight title :slight_smile: The crazy matches I remember dont really happen anymore, the hardcore championship matches. Beat the snot out of each other with whatever is around etc, no DQ or submission. Yeah its staged but you still have to respect the athleticism and dedication the athletes put into it, not many other sports come close to the level of spectacle and entertainment.

I used to love the Wrestling, every Friday night myself (and my family) would be glued to the tv for hours watching WCW Nitro then the WWF afterwards - it was fantastic! :smiley:

Lee, the best matches and craziest for me were the cage fights or the Royal Rumbles I loved that. The classic Undertaker moments when you thought he was out but then sits up and the crowd goes nuts! Or when you see one of your favourites being beaten and then you see the camera pan to the aisle and someone like the Ultimate Warrior is coming running to help! Awesome!! :lol: Ric Flair, Goldberg, etc were all my era of wrestling, once the show moved onto the new guys like Austin and the Big Show I lost interest, soon after the women were involved also which made it go down hill big time :tdown:

Mike - I totally agree, it’s classic entertainment - pure and simple and those guys are major league athletes and entertainers, at the top of their game and they deserve respect for that! :tup:

i would love to see fight of john cena against undertaker !

Mike, Hazel, do either of you remember seeing The Dudley Boyz putting many a wrestler through tables (I think often it was over the top rope and onto a table set up ring-side?

The Rock was a good wrestler in his time.

Bubba Ray and D’von :slight_smile: Remember them well.
I started watching when Big Van Vader was kicking butt with the Undertaker. Rock was a great entertainer, a real crowd pleaser as was Stone Cold Steve Austin.

I dont really enjoy it as much as some of the storylines are just plain stupid and pain me as it does to say it, the female wrestlers are all portrayed as bimbo’s and sex objects.

:lol: Yes Lee, I think a few wrestlers did that move! Was it the Nasty boys that did the arm pit thing? ugh I used to despise Sid Vicious & DDP - just seeing them made my blood boil :lol: :nono: :whip: Whatever happened to Sting & the Raven? They were brilliant and short lived! I’ve lots of favourites though, too many to mention but I did like Goldberg, and the Horsemen particularly Ric Flair! :smiley: - Do you remember Scott Hall? He was an odd ball - enjoyed seeing him get slapped around :rofl:

@Mike - I think it all changed when the women joined it - all innuendos and totally inappropriate for children watching - it’s a shame really because it used to be great :confused2

i would love to see john cens v/s undertaker !!! :smiley:

Nowadays i don’t like to watch WWF but i like Rock