BAMMA - any MMA fans in the house?

Just wondering how many MMA fans are there are here?

For those of you that are liking the UFC and the like, just thought I’d mention BAMMA (shown on Bravo in the UK last week). Finally the UK has a slick promotion that will provide fighters with a stepping-board to the UFC. I’ve also heard that the “Knuckle Up” events are getting sharp. With Nottingham based Dan Hardy (got a cool name that kid :wink: )fighting Georges St-Pierre (current UFC Welterweight champ) in a few weeks, these are exciting times for MMA in the UK.

Watch out you guys across the pond - the Brits are coming*!

So, web-geek MMA fans out there? If so, who are yer favourite fighters, and what do you think the chances of a Brit invasion are? :devil:

(*hey, I know we’re a little late, but we did bring beer…)