Wrong section of the Forum? Google Analytics

Something strange is happening. Since yesterday, whenever I open one of my own website pages, GA immediately shows up the page but indicating another country altogether with a different IP addresses

I investigated the ip addresses which comes consistently from Opera and xxx.xxx.xx.36 (I think).

Now, a few days ago, I contacted Opera reporting a bug and when these pages starting appearing in large numbers, always from the Netherlands I assumed that it was Opera working on the bug

But, now I think something strange is happening as it is I who is opening the pages.

I tried to stop them by blocking the IP address in the .htaccess but all I managed to do was to disable my ability to get into my own page via Opera browser… I deleted what I had put there and hope I did not make a mess of it…

Any ideas?


I’ ve discovered that I made a mistake and deleted accidentally the line "allow from all "

 #1a block visitors from indicated IPs
order Deny,Allow
deny from 
allow from all 

and since putting it back I only get the problem when I use the Opera browser.

Could it be that Opera’s developers have redirected all my own visits via their IPs to check on the bug? I doubt it!

And now, just before posting I tried again to open a little visited page in my site, and this time not only I got the Netherlands but ALSO Kenya both showing the same page.

Am I being hacked?

I think I found the problem

It only happened in Opera. It did not happen in another computer.

So, I uninstalled Opera, amd oding a complete scan and will reinstall Opera later

I assume that Opera was somehow compromised.

Are you sure you don’t have any Opera plugins installed, or settings changed? A proxy or something you’ve forgotten about?

Edit: Never mind then :smiley:

Hi, Please read my last post.

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