Website not opening on other browsers except Opera


Can you please help me with the issue, my website is not opening on different browsers. It is only opening with Opera. On other browsers it say something like this “Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to …”

can you please check , if it is opening with different browsers on your side ? I have tested it from different places and computers , but the result was same, no luck.

can you please check it, and what is wrong with it ?

I have just editied index.php to make it simple, to test if the problem relies on code. But I couldn’t open with simple code ( just echo test message )

and ftp account stopped working either

I have checked with proxy, it is opening with proxy . is it blocked here ? how to check it ? what is the problem ?

I have tried to telnet and ping , but failed

Thank you in advance

I would guess it must be something on your computer/network, because it’s opening just fine in Chrome and IE for me.

Ditto for FireFox.



I have tested it with another computer but same result. I have tested it with another computer from a different place but same result no luck

Works fine for me, too, in all browsers. When you say you tried it from a “different place”, was that on the same internet connection?

No, I have tested from different internet connections


This sounds more like a cache problem than anything else. While IE is a primary culprit, hosts can cache, too, in attempts to speed links from distant servers. It sounds like this is the problem you’re experiencing.



+1 - This also sound to me like the culprit here. Unfortunately if your host is doing this and they don’t in response to actions or at regular intervals update their caches then your stuck. :frowning:

Don’t some versions of opera, particularly mobile ones, use some sort cloud acceleration?

I’d try and reproduce it on machines and / or network settings until something gives itself away as the culprit.

Yes Opera mobile does indeed use cloud acceleration unless you turn it off (in the settings).