Mysterious page not found error

I made a page on a site that is generating a “page not found” error for my client.
Though I can’t generate this error no matter what I try. She is able to see the rest of the site.

Any ideas as to what could be causing this?

The content of the page is below if that matters.

The page is designed to hide analytics code from members of the organization.
So if they visit this page it remembers their ip address and writes a cookie. So If they visit the site again, the GA code is hidden.



setcookie("block_GA", 1);


$ip= get_real_ip();

$sql="INSERT INTO analytics_blocking VALUES('$ip')";
mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error());


<title>Google Analytics Tracking Blocker</title>

<p>You have successfully been blocked from Google Analytics Tracking.</p>

you have to compare the user ip with the data from the database, and display content accordingly .

Why not just have an array of Organisation IPs that don’t get shown to?
Then you don’t have to do any mysql work at all.

It turned out not to be any problem at all.
I set up a support session with the client and no error occurred.
My only guess is that she was having a local connection issue.

smftre the organization has 100’s of employees in different locations.
This allows them to distribute the page and have the ip addresses captured.
I suppose after the initial distribution I could convert it over.