Setting Google Analytics to ignore myself

Is there anyway I can set GA to ignore myself other than through the IP?
Problem is my IP changes and I think, all subscribers of this ISP uses the same IP.

Is there anyway to set a administrator cookie that they’ll ignore?

(Tried asking in the GA forum but it seems all quiet there.)

I set a conditional statement in PHP which prints out the GA code, conditional on a cookie.

If the cookie is set, which I have, then it doesn’t print the code.

If the cookie isn’t present, which my visitors don’t have, the GA code is printed out.


that seems like a good workaround.
but is there no way to set this very common function in GA itself?

if this is the only way, I’ll have to make changes to the wordpress GA plugin.

I don’t know of any, sorry.

Yes go to your analytics main page and on the right (main) column at the bottom right there is a link to “filter manager” you can create a filter to not track your visits by your IP address.

oic. that helps. thanks guys.

I like the idea of just having my php code handle it.