Would it be fare to post my read artical and blog link on site point?

hi, I generally read to blogs and want to post interesting topic in this forum. surely is not any spam… should i do it? any embargo from forum?

We’d be delighted if you would post interesting things here to start a good discussion, but what we don’t want is for you to copy articles you’ve posted elsewhere. Please take a look at the FAQs, which explain what we do and don’t allow.

The forums are a place for discussion, not for posting articles. We have many thousands of members here. If each member posted just one article, the site would soon fill up with them, and make the discussions hard to find.

Keep your articles for the appropriate place, which is your own site or blog.


ok… thanks for ur answer. hv fun.

SitePoint have a separate section for posting articles - you just need to get the appropriate editor to accept the topic of the article first and then have several reviewers and the editor check it before it gets published - just as for books except that what is being written is a lot shorter.

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Nothing personal, but before you submit an article to SitePoint I suggest you get a bit better with English.

Fare does not mean what you think it does.
Artical is not a word.
SitePoint is one word, and an important one at that.

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