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I am working on SEO for two months and i have done many techniques to promote my company website. Although it is not quick but gradually shows result. Now i have assigned a task to post SEO keyword related articles on different forums. Where should i post SEO related aricles for my website? Because some of the forms put a bann if they find links in one’s post. Any good suggestion ???

every forum has the limit of n number of post to include any link in your threads or post…

so wen u;l complete that number of post then you will be allowed to put any link…

Spam on forums is a big issue, and especially on forums with a SEO section like this. Most people don’t want to spend their entire working day clearing up after people who just want to ruin their site, so systems are in place to stop people who start posting links after joining.

To be quite frank, posting on forums doesn’t really do much to help you out. They are poor-quality links and to get any real benefit from them you would probably need to have a few thousand posts pushing your links. The reason why people believe forum links to be so poor is because they are either hidden from search engines (making them completely useless), are nofollow (again, making them useless) or at best are surrounded by at the very least 25 other outbound links, making your return on every post worthless.

If you’re doing this on company time I would probably set up a better social media campaign, and push links through there. There are a number of sticky threads at the top of this forum that can really help you out with promoting your company website and I would highly suggest starting there before doing anything else.

This is completely untrue. For starters, forums have differing scripts running them (or even bespoke ones). It’s a setting that is entirely up to the administrator of the forum.

But i do not have that much time to do posting on forums…I think you can understand when you are working in an office, management won’t allow you waist time in posting on forums instead they want you to do work.

@Ultimate…you have a point here. But does sticky post will allow me to post my company web links there although my posting is not about only advertisement but also to put some knowledge related to that particular section. Like in this section i will post related to SEO along with giving a link against a keyword which will direct to my company website

why not submit your article to the main article websites, which can be found easily on google, you can get a backlink in the Author Bio section of the arcles. And i guess same rule applies here, you can always get a backlink by using your Signatures.

This is why I stated it’s probably a waste of time. It takes years to accumulate over a thousand good posts and there’s simply no way that you’ll get a link in every single one of those posts outside of the signature.

There seems to be some strange understanding that, just because you’re spamming a link that’s somewhat relevant on a forum that it is perfectly okay. On this forum we get spammers pushing links to their SEO companies almost hourly, and they all get removed, deleted and/or banned. A lot of these people seem to think that they’re just following “good SEO guidelines” by posting on forums. The only thing I can say is that this is…


This is the Internet son! If you post your link on my blog or forum I’m going to remove it, I’m going to ban you and I’m going to put your site on my Google blocklist (Chrome extension). As a user I don’t care about your link unless it solves an exact, immediate problem that I am facing (e.g. I’ve started a thread on how to fix a MSBuild problem within my CI server running TeamCity and your link states exactly how to fix this problem).

Take this SEO forum for example. We get a LOT of spammers here, yet outside of some stupid threads regarding problems that have been posted hundreds of times already we keep a pretty tight ship and links rarely ever get through. A lot of people peddle their links on here in the name of SEO and although it’d be hard to estimate correctly hundreds of man-months have probably been wasted here on posting links that Google will never see.

You asked for advice, and my advice is to not post links on forums. At best, the benefit is extremely low and as you’re doing it for a company site you’ll only ruin the reputation of your company by posting links on here. Finally, the law in many countries state that spamming is illegal (to my knowledge), and as you’ve already admitted to posting links on behalf of a company it is possible that your company could be liable if a particularly litigious administrator catches you peddling links elsewhere.

More over, this is a no follow forum, I don’t think any link will have any Google benefit at all. Any benefit that you can derive from this forum would be to put your company link in front of all the forum users hoping they will visit your site and in turn increasing the number of visitors to your site. It will not help in your Google SERP in any way.

Wow :). This is an ultimate talk. I am thankful to you that you are giving your precious time to me. As i do not want to ruin your website neither i want to violate any rule. The thing is some website does allow to promote your product and services and they do have forums specific for this purpose so i mostly look for the forums allowing this stuff. but some forums does not state it clearly like some forum says that you can give a couple of external links if they are relevant but when i do they issue me warning.

Secondly, who gonna tell my boss that posting on forums is not that much useful because some SEO conultant told him that it will bring more and more traffic to him. Although i am also managing company’s blog which have to be used for this purpose but Boss still insist on posting on forums :frowning:

Very Well UlTIMATE i think i do understand what you want to say as this forum already issued an infraction which is not serious but obviously damaging my reputation. Thanks You for your time. Be blessed

amritrr…i am agree with you but it will at least increase traffic even a little bit :). At the end of the i have to report it to the BOSS

Either make a blogspot or hub page or squidoo lense and promote there or include them in article submission directories

You need to be very careful with websites that “allow it”, in order to make sure that they actually do allow it. We clear spam out pretty quickly here, but a lot of places just leave it because it’s such a time-consuming task. Even if a site were to allow it I can imagine that it would be abused pretty badly and would be worth little.

I’ve been in this situation a number of times, and I can say that by far the best thing for you to do is to question everything. You’ve got more than enough ammunition on this thread to really question the motives behind this and whether it is useful or just spam. Additionally, if you get the chance question the SEO consultants methods and whether he can provide evidence to suggest that his theories are correct or are best-practice. I would assume that anyone working as a SEO consultant would gladly answer these questions as it shows their domain knowledge.

Finally, if your boss doesn’t listen to you and you’ve raised your concerns, when things don’t improve you have every opportunity to gloat. More often than not, you can justify it to your boss by finding out how much this contractor is being paid and how much traffic has been gained. If it’s not enough to justify the cost of the consultant then your boss has wasted money.

As a Mentor I am unaware of any infractions that this community may place. My “role” here is to add to discussion and to point out any spam, which I monitor pretty frequently. Ultimately, I only care that people are spreading good practices and aren’t following SEO shyster’s that just want to spam. Sadly, there is a lot of noise on this forum from people who are just looking to peddle links (you can usually tell them apart as their accounts have fewer than 20 posts and they always post one or two line posts).

Good luck!