Is Sitepoint Forum is allowed to pasting some Entertainment News

Is your Sitepoint forums allowed to pasting some new movies details and other gossips.
If allowed please tell me where i can post them and on which group.

If not why??

Help Me.

This is a forum for people to discuss web design and related businesses and technologies. While we are happy to have some discussions that are broader than that, or even nothing to do with IT at all, that should be about building and strengthening the community of people who are here for the main on-topic discussions. General news and gossip that is nothing to do with our industry or any of our members isn’t something we want to see. We work hard to keep these forums free of spam, and allowing general entertainment news and discussions would make that much harder.

Hey sir,
If i write a content and then past that content on Sitepoint General Discussion Forums and pasting a link of my blog, then will you flagged that thread as a SPAM?

That’s not waht the forums are for. Keep that content on your blog, and when you’ve been a member for 90 days, yo can post a signature link. These forums are not a blogging platform, and a post like you describe would be considered self promotion.

Honestly, what do you think?

If you did this to post a link (no-follow BTW) why wouldn’t it be SPAM?