Is it ok to post articles I've written here? Where else?

I would like to get more traffic (of course!) and would like to see about possibly posting an article, or a link to the article here. Is that ok to do, or will I be in trouble? Also, where else can I submit my articles related to web design / business?

you cannot post your stuff in these forums, if that’s what you’re asking

have you contacted sitepoint to see if they would accept your article for the main site?

I think, forums are not the right place for posting articles. Instead, why not post comments on threads and then place the site of your articles on your signature link. That will give you good quality back-links that will probably generate increase in your site’s traffic.

You will be in trouble for posting an article here and linking to your article. I always recommend, post unique content even if you are re-posting your own content. You may post your articles to some high PR article directories such as:

If you are looking for some traffic from forums, then you can find a blog sections in some forums. Currently not allowed to post in this forum, but you can post your articles in other forums. Apart from that joe12joe mentioned a very good list.
Its not necessary to post in more number of sites. There are many other sites, who import articles from the above mentioned sites. So, you may a find your article being posted in more sites than you may thought about.

Just keep in mind the recent Google’s “farmer / panda” update.

Article marketing could get your “posted article” to outrank your original website easily, so be extremely careful. You don’t want to waste an extra position to your article website.

Article spinning to help you but posting same article on different websites may not be useful.


You can submit your articles on ezinepublishing websites like Ezinearticles
Can submit latest new and updates from your website/company in pr submission websites
Find some blogs in your niche and contribute guest posts there