Working on a bjj site. would love feedback

Hello all, feel like am almost done w/this

I would really welcome some feedback. First impressions/reactions.

thank you

What exactly are you looking for feedback on? Content? Ease of use? Design? A bit more guidance is likely to result in more useful replies.

(I’m only seeing unstyled content at that link.)

well, like i said.

Also for myself if i get a request for a review without added “guidance” I just review the site.
As to why you are seeing unstyled content…I do not know. maybe it is due to it being a staging url? oh well.

maybe this would work.

Hi pdxSherpa,
I just reviewed your website, and it is good and responsive, but image size is too big make it little bit smaller and if you give slider it will be more attractive
overall great

Thx for the reply. yep working on some of the breakpoints. might add a slider int the user submitted image section.

Make sure you don’t forget the meta description (if you want it).

Looks pretty good. Pretty clean, looks fine at smaller widths.

The recent articles area, I sort of instinctively click the picture which isn’t linked, and then realize the title, and the summary copy are linked. If it was me, I guess I’d link the image and the title. But that’s a minor quibble.

Looks good so far.

oh…ouch! thank you for mentioning the meta info. Had totally forgotten than. will also look into the linkage bit. my only main gripe it doesn’t look “sexy” enough yet and want to add one more breakpoint. Was just googling to find one that would fit between 481 & 1024.
Thank you

Just changed the ui to have a dark background over all and white text.
In part is what was kinda asked for…but I was wondering if usability wise it is a good idea?
& thanks again @jeffreylees went in and added meta info.

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