Feedback on learners first website

Can I have some constructive feedback on my first website please?

It’s only for my eyes only but wanted to learn along the way.

It’s basically a site so I can keep track on few things when I buy fix and sell cars

Not expecting to win any prizes for it just want to learn and I’d like to receive feedback. Oh and the data on the site currently is test data and has no meaning.


The big thing that sticks out is the lack of contrast, which may be intentional, but can be hard for others to use.

The big concern would be the color choices on the dark background, and the colored text on the light. Depending on the size, can be hard to see.

I use this site to check my colors just to ensure it’s not going to cause issues for others.

That and maybe some more padding in a couple places: around the outside, on the titles of the dark grey bar.

But overall, very solid first swnig…

I’m with Dave on the contrast. Especially the links in the headers (Complete, Add, Before) in the second screen shot are really hard to read.

Other than that I can’t find much fault with it. It looks clean and to the point :slight_smile:

Thanks guy! All feedback taken into account and I’ll be looking into them. All the h2(the secondary headers) links are dynamic, Sell link for example isn’t clickable until the project has been marked as completed. Everything is driven through php with a MySQL backend

Hey there!

If this is your first site, it’s a lot better than I did! I love the consistency, but I do have to agree with the other about the color scheme. It’s also very refined, and there is not a lot of unless space, but it also does not feel like everything is cramped.

In the second image, the darker text in the brackets is very hard to read. The only other big thing is that it would be cool to add a custom file upload button, the iOS default looks a bit out-of-place.

And I have to know, what is the name of the dog?

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Thanks! Yes it’s my first site. Noted about the upload button but from what I’ve read it seems a bit of a faff, the dog is called a Chihuahua.

Is it good that the site seems refined?

Depends on what it’s about. In your case, yes, that’s a compliment.

I’ve gone to darken the h2 background and lighten the text colour(all passed in that website checker) but now it seems to me that the text is too bright? I’ve tried to go lighter on the background colour but it fails. Any suggestions guys?

Can you share the new images or a URL?

Sorry yes here it is

Not done any other of the colour issues yet just the main tittle and h2s

How about using icons in the headers and then aligning them right instead of flush with the text?

Add could be a plus sign (:heavy_plus_sign:), sell could be a bag of money (:moneybag:), etc.

That is a possibility. I’d much rather make my own icons in photoshop however

Oh I wasn’t suggesting you use the exact icons I used in my post. That would look horrible :grin:

Design wasn’t my strongpoint, but a very long time ago at art college if we were set a design brief the first step would be to head up to the library to look through art books for some inspiration.

Likewise for your project, I would be looking through car related websites, autotrader, carwow, restoration websites etc. You may see something and think ‘that’s a nice touch!’.

With regards the current design, I think the font size could go up a pixel or two, and some extra line spacing would be an improvement and make navigation easier e.g. clicking on links with fat thumbs.

It can be quite handy to use the browser’s inspector as a design tool (F12 in Chrome and Firefox). You can select elements in the page, right-click and click on inspector, then try different settings on the fly.

For example here messing around with colours and font-sizes on a heading.


It’s good for the first timer