Wordpress versatility or plough on

Hi guys

After learning CSS3/PHP for the last 4 months Ive decided that I want to write a blog which weekly will be about new subjects.

I want comments to be allowed, membership to be an option, weekly emails sent out to subscribers, also the option of downloading a podcast.

This all seems possible with PHP but after discovering Wordpress, (very recently) it might be easier for an inexperienced user of PHP like myself to use this framework instead of trying to do the back end on my own…?

Is Wordpress this versatile?

If so can anyone recommend some plugins that will do the trick for me…? Also do the plugins for membership etc speak directly to mysql… that would be cool.

When I used wordpress I did create some of my own php and put it where I wanted it and it worked fine. There are hundreds and hundreds of plugins that you can get that will probably help you out, but make sure they are compatible with the wordpress version you are using. I think wordpress is now 3.x and if you use a plugin for version 1.x it may not work and might even mess up your tables.

Like I said, you can even create your own php to work with wordpress and if you get stuck with something come back here.


Thanks Kevin

I think what Im gonna do is design my mock up in HTML and CSS then somehow transform it to a wp theme and use the php plugins that will suit my needs.

My php code is alot to be desired and although wpress php seems very heavy, it to put simply, works.