Wordpress into own site

Hi guys,

I’ve spent the past day fiddling with Wordpress, clicking around to see what does what. Have to say it looks pretty awesome in what can be done with it.

The first thing i would like to do is have my own header along with the Navbar (the Navbar is a part of the header) and the footer, so it blends in seamless with the rest of the site. I’m not a php guy (not yet at least), and was hoping it would be a case of cutting and pasting from my site to the blog - I’m guessing this isn’t the case now.

Is there a video or tut which explains how to do this, or this there a simple solution? I’ve found a couple of tuts, but they don’t really match what I’m after. Also, depending on the theme, there seems to be different ways to modify them. Is it a case of picking a theme which resembles your site the most and going from there, or just modifying the basic theme that WP comes with?

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any help. :slight_smile:

Ok let find out first things.

  1. Do you want to completely modify your blog? (The actual theme)
  2. What do you want that it would appear like? (web design wise)
  3. What this blog will be for? (reviews, blog, etc.)

I may help you making some suggestions with web design. Cause first of all you need to have your design ready to put it on your wordpress theme and after you will have programming stuff. So I guess those first questions needs to be answered.

Hi casius,

The best way i can explain is with examples. This is my site currently…


So I’m looking to integrate a blog with the site. Much like this example…

www.mologokostudios.com ( hope you don’t mind me using you as an example if your reading this :slight_smile: ).

So i retain my header/navbar/footer, but have an active blog as the content. The blog is just for random comments/articles etc.

The blog is all linked up and i have the images ready to go in, so it’s just a case of knowing what theme to choose to modify and where exactly to make the mods.

Thanks for any suggestions.

ok so your both websites are with wordpress right? Correct me if I am wrong, but you want to import the data (show some data) from one website to another?

No my site is made from scratch, so I’m looking to add the Wordpress blog to my hand coded site (albeit with some help from DW).

Ok got you. When you need to do some PHP includes. Can you show me your website and point me where wordpress element should be?

www.cusodesign.com is the site. Obviously to place it in the blog section in the main Navbar.

This has got me curious to study PHP now:D

Ok so it very simple thing. Where is a plugin in wordpress which can export the data to your main website. Show wordpress (I am not sure it it the right name of the plugin) search the plugin library in wordpress and you will find the plugin which will give you PHP include function to your website.

Great! Thanks casius, i shall check that out now.

Thanks very much for your help :slight_smile:

I think I’m almost there lol. I have the plugin now installed -active - and have seen where it can be edited. I’m kinda lost on exactly how i link it to my own site though.

Is it best to study up on PHP to get a grasp on this? Or is it quite straightforward from here?

Thanks :slight_smile:

No one have any idea on this?

So far I have done the following

  1. Added the code : <?php if(function_exists(‘iinclude_page’)) iinclude_page(post_id); ?> to my site page.

  2. Changed the site page from .html to .php

  3. Linked the Wordpress blog to the site

  4. Added the include page function plugin to the WP blog and activated it.

So far, if i click the blog page on my site www.cusodesign.com , it goes to the blog with it’s own theme.

What further steps do i need to take to have my own header/Nav and footer in there?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Oh and Mods, if you think this is a PHP issue now, i will post over there instead.


Just to say I figured this out yesterday - just in case anyone attempted to solve it.


what exactly did you use or do? Frames?

No didn’t need to use frames. Just trial and error.:injured:

It was a case of grabbing the code from the wordpress blog and pasting that into a new html doc.

Same with the CSS file ( i used Dreamweaver to link up the local stylesheet with the html doc). This was the biggest headache as Dreamweaver was a bit temperamental with this for some reason and took a couple of goes (and much head scratching). Once they are linked up, it’s just a case of editing the CSS and uploading to the server.

Still working with it, but I’m a few hurdles round the track with it now.

Are you trying it yourself?