Can you use PHP/MySQL and Wordpress together?

Like the title states I was wondering if Wordpress (self hosted, not would allow you to use PHP/MySQL. Like having a form and using the PHP if…else function to return data, or of course use an SQL Database for this. Having Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, etc. works in a Wordpress Post because it is HTML, but I am unsure how to return specific data when the information is submitted on Wordpress.


Wordpress is PHP and MySQL put together. There is nothing that prevents you from using them to modify it.

I got started with PHP by studying the source code of vbulletin. We all have to start somewhere, and WordPress is as good a point as any I suppose.

What exactly are you trying to make? A contact form? A poll? Wordpress has plugins for all sorts of things.

Just something where users will select different radio buttons and submit their info, then based on the info they submitted return specific data and display it to them. I just don’t know where I would post the PHP files in Wordpress if I did it that way.