Hi Been having fun digging into wordpress. As a way of doing that I decided to do my own theme. Its almost done, but the comments.php is causing me problems. Anyone know of a good current tutorial on comments.php?


What sort of problems is it causing? Are you just having styling problems on the front end, or are you modifying the PHP code in that file?

Not sure modifying is right, but yes the php file. The tutorial I like, creates the files from scratch, but it is a bit older, so the comments.php is not current. Sure there is the modifying themes php files for clients, which is cool. Creating my own theme from scratch started as a learning project for myself, while two clients are already using the theme, so there is sells potential, I also want to finish learning the basic files. So I posted the question about a tutorial here.

Take a look at Twenty Twelve’s comments.php, I find WordPress’ default themes are a good place to start if I’m stuck on something, and developers can learn from Twenty Twelve.