Bespoke blog HTML Help?

Hi Everyone,

If it is okay I wanted some advice on making a blog website that is bespoke for example not using Wordpress like systems.

I have created a website in pure HTML and CSS and I want to add a blog to it. Is it possible to say use Wordpress for pure posts and somehow pull that information back to my website or is it better to code your own CMS using PHP?

The reason I ask is I personally do not like Wordpress’s designer, themes & plugins sections because personally, I don’t want to buy themes and plugins that end up looking similar to other sites. I like making it myself but the backend of Wordpress for creating posts is easy to use and everyone in the workplace can log in on and create a post simply.

So if this made sense and anyone knows a good solution to this then that would be great :smiley:

Not a WP expert, but I believe that it started life purely as a blogging platform, before becoming a full, multi purpose website CMS. So I would guess that the blog only part of it could still be used as an add-on to a site.

It’s an option if you have the time and know-how to do it.
But there may be other options that meet you half way, such as PHP frameworks or more light-weight CMS/blog modules that could be added to your site.


Might be worth looking at something like - you can integrate it with any existing or new site. You can use it to control the whole site or just bits you want your client to edit. It’s got a 1st party blog addon which will add basic “blog” functionalty - you can then extend this as you want, e.g. with extra custom fields.


Hey Guys,

thanks for the replies this has helped a lot. @bluedreamer thank you for the Perch information this system looks good and easy to use but I wanted to do it without spending money on plugins or themes and CMS’s.

After looking around I think my best option if you guys agree would be to use Wordpress and create my own theme with custom page templates etc etc.

Yes, you can simply install WP in a subdirectory of your site eg or whatever. If you make a custom theme it can have the same look and feel as the rest of your site.

Not sure what you’re after here, but you could access the database within the rest of your site - with care.

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