Wordpress Plugins for Dating Sites


I know I’m new here, so sorry for the kinda weird first time post. Anyway, I’m making (or at least, trying to!) make a new dating website, except I suck at coding. So unsurprisingly I’m using Wordpress to build it and I’m trying to find a good plugin to handle the whole admin side of the dating site, like user approval, memberships, subscriptions etc. I can’t find much on the wordpress forums so I thought I’d ask around to see if anyone has any suggestions for this? (Preferably free, I know, I’m a cheapskate).

I did find one plugin here: bestdatingsites.org/dating-websites which looks like it could be pretty good, and appears to be free, but to be honest I really have no idea. I’ll probably give this a try and see how it goes for now. In the meantime, any suggestions you have would also be hugely appreciated. Thank you!

Till date I have yet to find a dating site plugin for wordpress… but your link is pretty interesting =) What are the main features you need for the site? Perhaps it is easier to list them down then look a for a few plugins to fulfill your needs.

how it is possible sir, every plugin have their unique feature you have to first point out your requirements and than search your each plugin correspond to your specs