Directory Plug-in Needed. Not Directory Theme

Hello everyone, I’m working on an employment classifieds website and I desperately need a directory plug-in for wordpress. I need something that will allow me to create a hidden page, where I can list an unlimited amount of individuals a short bio, and their supporting documents such as cover letter, headshot and resume as electronic files (eg. word, pdf, jpeg, etc…).

I don’t need a “theme”. I need a plugin. I’m already using a theme that I’m comfortable with, but I just need some sort of plugin to create a yellow pages style directory that will allow employers to scroll through a list of job seekers and view their content at will. I’ve looked at a lot of the free plugins on, and they’re not suitable for my needs. I don’t mind paying if the plugin does the job, so feel free to recommend a premium paid plugin - in fact, I’d love to pay for the right tool for the job.

Thanks in advance.

You have two very good plugins in Joomla, but not in Wordpress

Are you comfortable programming something? I could see how you might be able to whip something up, but would need to be developed

Hi Guys,

Thanks for responding to my cry for help. Unfortunately I’m not a programmer so I can’t write my own plug-in. Even if I could, considering the tight deadline that I’m working with, I’d still opt to use something that already does the job. I noticed that you said that there’s something available in Joomla. What’s the name of it? Maybe it’s also available in WordPress somewhere. Any recommendations you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


I have sent you a PM with the link check it out

what do you mean by “hidden page”?

By “hidden page”, I mean a page that is not visible to the general public. It can be somewhere on the site that requires membership, or even on another site, if need be. I just need the front end and back end to be separate, and for the back end to be exclusive to a particular membership. Hence, a form on one page that posts to another page would work best.

I hope that pm will not be that you’re offering yourself to do the job. We have rules, you know :wink:

Well, I thought that much. It has to be only available from the administration area :slight_smile:

Why don’t you look at wpcareers? I think that may be of help
Also cat-jobsite although that depends on a third party which I wouldn’t recommend, for privacy

Yeah, really - if you are just sharing a link to a Joomla extension, it might be useful for other readers (Joomla users read these forums, too - I, for one), so why send it in a PM instead of continuing the open discussion?