Need help, Ideas/Suggestions

Ok I am working on developing a site that needs some unique features for the “type” of site it is I guess. I need help deciding on a software to use along with maybe some help on plugin/extension/module suggestions. Or if the site should be built from scratch. Ok here we go, I will describe the features and idea of what needs to be done below.

The site will feature an ability for users to register, create a story (basically a blog) and submit this story. A member of the management team will then have to approve the story before it is published. Users of the site will be able to rate a user by giving them “reputation” points depending on how well the story was. Along with that stories will be able to be rated on a 5-star system. Users will be able to fallow each other to get updates on new stories and users should be able to message each other privately. Also be able to search and organize the stories by user/category and date etc…

These are the basic features I would like. Was also thinking about FB integration. I am having trouble even deciding what software to use. Right now I am thinking about wordpress but a lot of the features needed I can not find


A message board would probably work best for you. Something like Invision Power Board.

Unless you are you looking for something free.

I own a perpetual license but do u think it would be too much

If you already have the licence, why not make use of it?

I was just thinking it may be “over featured” and would be hard to manage. Although it may be just the right choice. Would have to work on a custom portal maybe that could integrate and display blogs? Or maybe have the blogs the main page. I donno I am going to have to go play around with it and see what I can do. Thanks!