Building A Membership Site

Does anyone know what it would take to develop a membership site like Become An EX Smoker, Learn to Quit Smoking, Stop Smoking Cigarettes

I’ve been looking around and it seems the wordpress membership plugins are just not cutting it.

I highly recommend Drupal - Open Source CMS |

there is a plugin for that to use with wordpress

I’ve just built a membership site using Joomla and the Mightymembership plugin. Aweber takes care of the email needs.

If you do go with Wordpress there are two (maybe three) options worth considering. The first is Wishlist Member: WishList Member | Membership Site Software. It costs around $100, but is a robust, good solution.

The second is S2 Members: WordPress › s2Member ( Membership w/ PayPal® ) « WordPress Plugins. It’s free (unless you want to get the Paypal Website Pro add-on). Last I checked, it was the best free option available. It also seems to be kept regularly up-to-date (very important).

A third possibility is to use AMember and sync it into Wordpress (here is the plugin: [url=]New WordPress Plugin | aMember). A friend of mine did this. I don’t know how technically easy it is, but I believe it offers more functionality than either of the two plugins I mentioned above.

Sorry about repeating the Wordpress suggestion, but maybe if you had an excellent theme you would like it more. I am super impressed by Optimize Press (check it out). I am in the process of building my own membership site and I think I will go the Wishlist member+OP route.

What are the specific things lacking in the WP plugins you find? What features do you want that they don’t have?

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