Best PHP Dating Script?

Greetings People,

I am looking for reccomendations for the best PHP dating script.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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Not sure if you’ve checked out yet, but they probably have a few to choose from.

Whatever you plan to purchase, I disadvice to choose anything from Datetopia. No customer service & garantuee. Just a small warning. Its easy to manipulate hotscripts rating.

check There is a good PHP Dating site.

I remember you discovered some minor issues with the translations of certain sections but all issues were solved. I see your website ( ) uses PHP - Nuke - is this the script you recommend for dating websites ?

Datetopia develops dating software continously. We release improvements and add ons almost each month. All software is available online for evaluation (including member and webmaster areas) and all customers can test the scripts prior to purchase. We can guarantee that you will have a website that runs like the demos but we can’t guarantee your success. That’s something you have to work for - we just provide the perfect tools.

Our Match Agency BiZ product ( is among the best commercial matchmaking scripts available and multiple satisfied customers that run successful websites can prove this (just check the live websites section on datetopia).

Yes, we purchased your script. Some while ago. Its a piece of crap filled with bugs, the code needs cleanup and your terms are even worse. I would have to pay a couple of hundred dollars for every upgrade. You never responded to the last emails about the bugs, SQL injections etc. Basically its not a good product and your customers will find out when their site will be hacked and their databases will be plundered.

No Mr Datetopia, we put Nuke in for a temporary measure since some of our members are programmers and the said wtf of script is this?

Succes? We run very large communities and didnt advertise for our dating site yet because of this script. We are developing one of our now, we take our time we are not in a hurry.

We dont need to proof ourselves, you need to. You resetted your CC forums several times because there were many complaints on it. You cannot escape your bad service and bad terms.

Again I recommenend no one buys your scripts because of your terms, quality and service.

The internet was created to comunicate one machine to another for learning purposes. And there are already tons of dating sites out there, why would you want to create one more?? I personally don’t think that you should start any site which could destroy anybody’s life. And a dating site could be one of those sites!

We dont run dating sites for the complete audience but for special groups in society. So we dont fall under that catagory.

I see Hajduk is very frustrated about his failures with the dating websites, but he clearly does not have decent internet knowledge to achieve success in this business because I see he did not manage to get a dating website up in 6 months.

the code needs cleanup

The script was encoded … LOL :slight_smile: What code are you talking about ? Probably you don’t know a lot about php scripts.

since some of our members are programmers and the said wtf of script is this?

So you have your members program your websites ? Ridiculous. And again, the script was encoded. What are you talking about ?

Anyway, our latest version is Match Agency BiZ v6.1 and you are talking about Match Agency v3. Maybe in another 6 months you’ll get over your frustrations and your dating website will be ready … We provide dating websites in 24 hours, in case you change your mind.

I advise all people that want to start an internet business to study all solutions available online and consult multiple parties. Read opinions but also test the products.

Mr Datetopia, I bought your script. adn foudn that it was linked to the domain and I couldn’t move it freely from one domain to anothr after I got done testing it.
the encoding you do to it, sucks.

have a look at phpfox

One warning to everyone - keep the personal flames out of this, or the thread closes. If you have a problem with a person or a script, take it off this site. No personal attacks are allowed.

Dateopia - I’m allowing your posting in here simply because it directly relates to the question in hand, but be wary of the fact that you’re walking a very tight rope against self-promotion. And just a friendly word of advice, SPF is very high up on most of the search results pages, so disparaging clients who are having problems with your scripts may not be the best plan. Just a thought…

is there a good plentyoffish dating clone?

PG Social Networking Software will also suit your needs.