Wordpress or Shopify

hi friends,

I want to develop my website for my newly business. Could you please inform me which type of CMS you prefer, shopify or wordpress?

Well its basically what you wish to do. If you plan an ecommerce only store then yes Shopify might be needed, but if you want to present content with a few products, then wordpress would be the best. Also with shopify you need to remember there is a monthly cost involved. Hence, if you let us know your exact requirement and business then it would be easier to suggest which is better.

If you need to develop an ecommerce or shopping cart website than you can use Shopify, but now wordpress also has started a new Wordpress ecommerce CMS which is gaining good popularity in a very short time period. For any other business website, you can use wordpress CMS, as it has very good features and plugins that can help in building a good corporate website.

I agree with jaagare,WordPress manage the content of your website and Shopify to hold down the e-commerce part of your site.So, it is totally depends on your website.

Since you’re asking between Shopify and WordPress, I assume that you are going to be running an eCommerce store, which there are advantages and disadvantages to doing with WordPress. This article spells out the pros and cons. http://www.wiredtree.com/blog/pros-and-cons-of-using-wordpress-for-ecommerce/

If you would like to have online store, go with Shopify.
For blog, go with Wordpress.

I ever tried Wordpress for online store and it is working fine, but lack of function of e-commerce.
At the end, you will need to install so many plugins to have complete online store solutions on Wordpress.

With hosted service like Shopify, all is there.

If you need to tweak by your own, you can try OSCommerce, Prestashop, etc.

I can’t agrre with you. Nowdays you can find ecommerce solutions for wordpress that can beat shopify easily

WP hands down. Not more than 100 or so sku woocommerce via wp.