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I want to make an online store for online gifts. Is WordPress or Shopify is better for making an online store?

I’m sorry, but your post is far too vague to attract any useful replies.

What skills do you have in web development? Have you any experience in e-commerce? How many products will your store carry?

Please provide as much information as you can, so that members can offer advice relevant to your situation. I will then be happy to move the topic to a more appropriate category and relist it.

Actually my concern is with the solution, so your concern should not be with the skills of having web development field or in e-commerce, if you can reply on the specific topic of my question then most welcome, but the fields you’re talking about is my concern thank you for the time and taking time for your precious reply to my forum post <3

The point I’m trying to make is that without further information, we cannot answer your question.

I could ask whether I should pack T-shirts or woolly sweaters for my holiday, but without knowing where I’m going, at what season, and which activities I expect to enjoy while I’m there, how could anyone advise me?

WordPress (with WooCommerce) and Shopify both have their place, and how you choose between them would depend on your requirements and circumstances.

Wordpress have this plugin called Woocommerce and its FREE

Shopify is paid solution and the minimum is $29 per month. Lets see what fits you now and what are the pros and cons:

You could start with this option if you wan to start free. Plus its a good way to test your online store and see whats happening in the market.
The bad thing however, the Woocommerce plugin is Free which makes it open source to developers to make addons on the plugin. Which means its a big security risk for your store and can be easily hackable.

This platform is the best for the startup businesses, it gives you the tools you need to so Marketing, SEO, tips on how to sell plus there is a Shopify Academy that teaches you everything you need to know about the platform plus how to be a successful e-commerce website.
They have their own security plans and their platform is not open to anyone so its difficult to hack.

a third option for you to know:
There a bigger platform called Magento, its not fit for you right now because it’s for big companies but check out for knowledge sake.

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