Wordpress as a Website - Can't install blog?

Hi - Great forum…!

My days as a lurker have gone and now I need to ask a question.

I’ve helped out with a site <snip/> Everything is good with the site and I’m quite pleased with the results as a Word Press newbie.
However, how on earth do I get a blog on the “NEWS” page that subscribers can post to?

I’ve tried everything I can find but no joy.

Thanks guys! :smiley:

Do you want to embed a blog on already created News page? You can install wordpress at yoursite(dot)com/news
I’m sorry if I haven’t understood what you have asked actually.

Sorry I didn’t explain that too well…the link in the first message is the site… It done in Wordpress but as pages with comments and blog removed. So in essence can I add a blog on the NEWS page and keep the other pages as they are? Thanks

Yes you can do it, but depending on your set up this will be achieved in a variety of ways. For example if you are running a theme they often have a template type that is linked to a blog style page. You would create another page and select Blog from the template type. This would then list a page that picks up all of the posts in a certain category.

Wordpress retains all the same functionality of running a blog even if you treat it like a non-blog website. The structure of posts and archive pages is really all you are looking to display instead of static pages. Sorry to be a bit vague but the set up does vary.

Thanks, I’ve tried that and all that happens is the home page appears in the new page called “blog” ???

The theme I’m using is Easel. I did put a link to the site so it could be seen but obviously rules have removed it… If I PM you the details would you take a look?