Word Press - Do i need to the out the fluff?

hey guys just looking at my newish WP blog, its seems that instead of indexing the actual article page with my keywords in, google is choosing to index the tags and categorys as preference… Obviously this is going to hold me back no having all my keywords in the url. Should I just remove them from displaying? I don’t need all this dupe content.



Should i need be worried that if it index’s a category page that when it comes to search results my keywords may not be in the title?

If you’re getting found for a target keyword and people visit your site as a result, who cares if your “keywords” are in your title or not? By then you’ve got your visitor.

Conversely, if you’re not getting any visitors for certain “keyword” then you probably need to work on your content a bit more.

If it’s a new site then you need to allow time for Google to index it fully.

After that, Google will sort out which pages it thinks are most relevent to any given search. That could be a category page or an entry page.