Im and oldie who has moved to wordpress and a little lost


After years of very basic html and doing ok ive moved to WordPress and finding it hard to get into it, ive looked at many online courses etc, im looking to ensure that I can get my websites up on good ranking with yoest longtail keywords etc,

This may sound completely stupid for most of you guys, but where so I insert the keywords on wordpress, the title, description, tags, categories etc.?

Welcome to the forums, @doorwindowparts.

I’ve moved your question to the #cms-wordpress section, as I think you’re asking about the use of the WordPress interface.

If I’ve misunderstood, and you’re asking about the actual use of keywords, I’ll move it to #marketing. smile

In either case, I’d suggest you read Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide to avoid getting bogged down and wasting time on unnecessary tasks.

Thank you, to be honest im not quite sure, hense the query, thank you for your feedback.


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