Concerned about keyword overuse on categories page

i built my site with wordpress and i’m getting concerned about the number of mentions of “website design” on my portfolio/categories page you see here. and i have more categories too that i want to add.

should i be concerned about search engines getting pissed off because the keywords are mentioned too many times???

please advise. thanks in advance!

No I don’t think it is a problem. Your sites seems like it would receive normal user interaction. What I see most lacking is text on the pages.

thanks. maybe you could elaborate on what you mean by ‘normal user interaction’ and how normal vs. abnormal effects search-engine-rank?

you have not used this as keyword only but as key phrase so there is no problem.

thanks jigney. but again, if you could elaborate, it would be much appreciated. what constitutes a “key phrase”???

Google is known to be including usage statistics in their algorithm. So there is only so much you can do in the area of keywords, because if the usage isn’t there, it won’t help you as much.

Google also can recognize incoming links from pages that have strong pagerank as well as strong user interaction. Social signals like twitter also have an effect.

With literally hundreds of metrics with the new infrastructure, a single criteria like keywords on a page place less of role that compared with the overall. If you had 100 links, I would be more concerned.

Lack of text is an issue you may want to address though, as well as finding ways to add interactivity to your site.

well i guess my question is:
since these terms are category headings. i’m not actually overusing the term “website design” within the actually postings. that being said, will the search engines still think its keyword stuffing if the term is not overused in the specific postings??? Do they know the difference between a categories archive page (or a search results page for that matter) vs. a posting???

Yes I’m pretty sure they do. It’s their core business and they must have many systems in place to identify and classify pages automatically.

cool. thanks for the input!