Wordpress SEO question

I’ve noticed that my blog pages are indexed with Google in the following format:

For example, this page:


is indexed www.best-ereaders.com

Why aren’t Amazon not indexing the complete URL? Do I need to change anything is my wordpress settings?

Thanks for your help.


Google has stated they sometimes will change the meta title to something they believe is more appropriate for the search. I am not sure if that is happening in this case though. It also looks like they might be pulling in a portion of your breadcrumb.

Which term are you searching for when you see this different title?

interesting. they are just ommiting the post date in your permalink, which in my opinion looks much better. It is nothing to worry about from an SEO perspective.

It looks like you are being indexed fine.

I do not see a sitemap? maybe that would act like a meta tag of sorts for the actual url?

You should take a look in your Gooogle webmaster tools though and be sure there are no crawl errors you should know about.

You could post in the google forums

(I assume you mean “Why aren’t Google indexing the complete URL?”)

I wouldn’t worry about it. The link goes to the right page, and the title and description are of the right page. Whether they display the actual URL or a breadcrumb trail really doesn’t matter or make any difference. Google does this sometimes to try to make the snippet more user-friendly, if they think can divine a breadcrumb trail and think it’s more useful to the reader than a bare URL - get it from the horse’s mouth at Googleblog

Your site is indexed according to your title tag. I don’t see any problem from here, but if you still see a problem. Don’t worry, its nothing bad your site is getting indexed and also Google is adding nice keywords itself to the search result so its a benefit for you nothing bad :slight_smile: