Wireframe/Mock up Question

Hi there, I was wondering how to go about creating Wireframes & Mock ups before you have any content to work with. By that I mean, if you submit a Wireframe or a Mock up to a Client & they like a particular Wireframe or Mock up, what say when you gather the content it doesn’t fit into their desired Wireframe or Mock up - b/c of the way the content is logically grouped?

Thanks for any replies.

Short answer - don’t. :slight_smile: That’s just my opinion, of course, for the very reasons you’ve already mentioned.

I get a rough idea of the kind of layouts/sites the client likes, any particular colour scheme they might have in mind, etc., then draft the layout after I have the content. It works well for me, dealing mainly with very small businesses, but may not work for everyone.

Yeah. I wouldn’t either (unfortunately, in my current project, I had to b/c I didn’t have any content :confused: ).

You can get a rough idea of where things will be like if you have articles, certain navigation, etc.


Thank you for the advice TechnoBear, it’s much appreciated.

Thanks TehYoyo, I’m gonna do it the way you guys have advised.


Sure! Always happy to help :smiley:

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Good luck!

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Don’t create mockup based on content. You’ll never get it on time, and if you do, there are sure to be changes. create a mockup base on structure. Allow some wiggle room.

The word “content” is too broad to rely on. For example… don’t ask for content for the shopping cart. ask for a list of info types that need to be included ( and preferably their higherarchy or importance )

so you can have a info block:

You can always arrange the other / and remove items logically from there. Hope that helps.

What type of site are you building? If your building any type of dynamic site all you really need to know before having “content” is the type of data that is to be displayed. Once you know that you can just create placeholder (fake) data to get general feel for arrangement of the components on the page.

Hi oddz, I’m going to build a simple 4 page Static site for a Small Business. I was concerned in case I make a Wireframe & then afterwards can’t fit the Copy (or Content) (which I am going to Gather myself after making the Wireframe) into that Wireframe structure. I just a newbie so it’s probably a stupid question - but I’ve been wondering this for a while.

Hi dresden_phoenix, I will be the person creating the Copy (or “Content”) for the project that I’m about to start, so at least I have some control over that. Thanks for the reply.

In that case you can design a wrapper which contains all the components which persist to every page and allocate an area for the individual pages content. A good place to start is the home page. Than mark-up the wrapper and add the pages content.

Thank you for that advice oddz. I’m gonna go w/ that. Cheers