What deliverables do you have for a basic website?

I’m a new freelancer and I’ve arranged myself where I discuss the goals and concepts of the website/business with the client. Then I collect any content they have and create a proposal for a site map. After this I create a wireframe for a basic or homepage to present to them how information will be organized. After this I create a visual mockup in Photoshop. I go back and forth with other wireframes and more mockups. Then I develop. Then we’re done. I’m not confident I’m going about it well however.

I’m in two situations where the two people I’m working for either ignored the wireframe or ignored and were confused by it. Neither of them commented, asked questions or even stated that they didn’t understand it despite my explanation.

So, I’m reaching the conclusion that discussing wireframes with people is unrealistic however I’m not sure. I don’t like the idea of just arbitrarily designing for clients though. They don’t understand UI, structure or at least that isn’t their specialty.


What do other people here deliver when structuring and planning a website with a client?

Some clients understand the concept of wireframing others don’t. The average person usually struggles to understand but that’s where you need to take time and explain what it is and why you’re showing them.

Perhaps you can try demonstrating the concept using a topic they are personally familar with?

Yeah, maybe I just encountered two flawed situations. Again, since I’m new, what’s throwing me off is that neither asked questions or acknowledged that they didn’t understand it. I was certainly prepared to explain it in careful terms. Oh well. Thanks.

Perhaps add a “Design process” page to your website which explains all the steps you go through (with some examples of the work), just for their clarification :slight_smile: