My first wireframe

Hello everyone,

I am busy creating my first wireframe for the base of my design.
What do you think so far ?

My goal is to create a business portfolio website that also is a home for services that I am gonna develop and open to the public.

Here is the link :

I would love some feedback.

Hello dear you are going great and you done great job. The thing is really impressive that you gonna develop and open to the public. I checked this link and your work is good but you have to do more work on it because its not complete i think.

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The thing that I am missing with wire frames is the actual look.
I know it is supposed to look kinda blanc but that’s what I’m missing.

If you have any suggestions please tell them.
Going from only programming to designing is a bit off for my liking.

How would you do this ?
Best regards,

Hi wouter. The thing i want to tell you is that make it some attractive because you blog look like nill. You put all information on it but when there is no color or some pics.I think you can understand i want to tell you.!!

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