Wired op article on design

I thought this was an interesting well written piece on the future of design.

so, sharing.

I really don’t know what Apple was thinking by switching to this gaudy, anemic interface. I find it really hard to look at. The buttons look bright and childish, and the rest of the interface is so washed out I can barely see anything on the screen. Makes me just want to shut my eyes and learn to use the device’s accessibility features. I really hope this isn’t the future of design … though I’m sure everyone will be rushing to copy it, whether it’s good or bad. :rolleyes:

The trend these days is to move more toward a fisher-price like interface with bright primary colors and a flat UI.

Like so many other trends before it, this too will pass in time.

“fisher-price”! Love it.

Great article.

I also dislike the new design, but I’m becoming accustomed to it, as I’m sure we all will. What I’m not becoming accustomed to is the loss of functionality in the calendar.

There do seem to be lots of annoying changes. The Music app is totally borked for me now, which is a real pity. (All my music is grayed out and inaccessible, and I can’t remove or add stuff. Probably a bug my end, but still, none of the solutions online have helped. Just very frustrating, and TBH, is tempting me to try Android devices next time around.)

Android has its own quirks, especially when saddled with the carrier’s uninstallable (and undesirable) apps and the manufacturer’s after market “tweaks” (though Motorola seems to offer the most vanilla flavor of android, from what I’ve seen).

Bascially, I usually suggest iPhones to the non-tech savvy since the environment is pretty much homogeneous, and the android platform to the tech-savvy who want do tinker a bit.

Funny how everyone dislikes the new design… I still haven’t met anyone that said “Oh, I like it!”. I’m sure that those people do exist but I haven’t found any at the time being :smiley: