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I’ve just read a post entitled “It’s ironic that a site which talks about design and development can have such an atrocious user interface/experience” which is now closed.
The very next thing I click on while surfing is this post, so I’ll reply here with the same answer as I would have left on the above post.
I can see where the poster of “It’s ironic” maybe coming from, let me explain what I think.
A child born today stands a GARANTEED one in three chance of living to one hundred, indeed I will reach seventy soon. I suspect that the author of the above post had poor eyesight or wore glasses, indeed my eyesight is failing with cataracts and I will need new eyes soon.
Restricted sight will become the norm, internet users will struggle to decipher confusing icons, colours are another minefield with young eager web designers building great sites that are awful to use if your old. Remember there will be a LOT of old people soon and remember that we are the ONLY people with money, everyone else has credit.
Standard Icons across the internet, bold colours, larger fonts, great photos and lots of them. And on that last point, my last job was a website manager; we increased the ‘photos to twelve for each product and by doing so increased sales by 18% so I know where I’m going, do you?

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