Concerning the new design

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve not posted on this forum. I think that for some reasons that the previous design looked better than this current design. I don’t know that you think. You know when you are used to something, when you update that particular thing, it’s kind of look strange.

I got used to it. It’s quite good actually. Just give it some time :slight_smile:

Its just one of those things, its hard to adjust to change but once you do you’ll wonder how you thought the previous version was better!

How about this for a horrible confession – I can’t remember a thing about the design when I first joined way back when I was so much younger.

Okay, getting too weird, right? I was almost as old then. Really old.

Seriously, though, this is only my second post in over three and a half years, and my first post was done a few minutes ago. Do I get membership into the PCS?

Or maybe when the forum platform was changed they tossed out my thousands of posts that I don’t remember doing?

Uh oh, I’m getting weird again, right? Sorry.

Oh yes, PCS = Procrastinators Club of SitePoint.