Apple's new website

Hi guys,
So what do you think of Apple’s new website?

The most noticeable difference is that the navigation is a darker colour scheme and that it slides and bounces in on page load, for the first time, at the home page.
Also the rest of the content seems to fade and slide in when it is loaded.
Also on the mac and iPod pages, the content elegantly fades in.

So what do you guys think?

Apple is really brilliant. They are very great. That’s why I really choose apple over other manufacturer. The site is quite the same with the old design.

I think it didn’t change at all. Looks like the same old website for me, but with an addition of macAir and other gadgets. Still look very great.

If you look over Apple’s website over the past ten years you’ll see that it hasn’t really changed at all, and that each time they add a bit more or tweak some more stuff.

The one thing that has always annoyed me about Apple is that by looking at their design you can tell that they feel the web isn’t good enough for its designs. More often than not there is little to no text on their pages, with any headers or small bump areas containing text within the images in the precious Myriad Pro font.

When I read the headlines on blogs that Apple had made a HTML5 layout I thought that they might be a bit more daring with their layout, although a quick look at the source will tell you that much of it is built for support, rather than innovation. With Apple as such a huge supporter of HTML5 (how else will they kill Flash?) I can see them adopting an almost pure HTML5 page in time.

From what I hear, the new Apple website isn’t very iPad friendly. Can anyone clear this up for me?

The new apple website is more iPad friendly.
My new, they changed the navigation’s colour scheme and everything fades in on page load. For example, check

But as an apple developer, who focuses on web apps more than iOS apps, I know that apple is hesitant on using HTML5 because it is notify supported.
And in terms of CSS3, they use vendor specific webkit properties, which cause horrible amounts of errors because vendor-specific properties are not valid by the W3C.

The sliding of the navigation and the fading is all done by -webkit-animation-duration: 0.4s; -webkit-animation-name: acceleratedReveal;

and the navigation is styled using -webkit css gradients if supported and images if not supported.

However, this causes. 790 CSS ERRORS
As seen here:

a just few changes with some beautiful flash works

There is no flash.

Apple hates flash with a passion. It is all -webkit and html5 and js

Apple’s website is very elegant, just like their products. It’s very clean!
Their Creative Team made a good job on Apple’s website.

I was never impressed by Apple

I think it’s ok. They’re not really making any huge changes at all. Unless, if they make it look like the tron legacy movie official website but with the quick downloading time then I’ll be really impressed.

It doesn’t change at all. They have included some new product and few other tweaks. I am impressed with the speed and small response time.

Except for the flash, the Tron Legacy website is pretty impressive. Not professional, but impressive. Kind of kidish, but then again it was made by Disney

Yeah that’s right. but hey, think about it. A Tron legacy theme kind of site with the apple products. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Seems about the same. It’s still clunky and hard to find stuff.