Apple—Giving Design A Bad Name?

I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels like this. I enjoyed reading this article on
How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name, because it highlighted a lot of my pet peeves over recent years—at how pretty, often minimalist design is highjacking usability. It’s not just in Apple products, though. Many product sites are going the same way, with simple, pretty designs that don’t make it easy to get more information.

Don’t get me wrong—I do like the look, but I’d still encourage designers to make information as clear as possible, and not sacrifice clarity for prettiness.

My latest pet peeve is the iOS Podcast app. It’s not actually simple or clear. Each page takes the background color of the podcast logo, often meaning that you get dark text on a dark background. And the buttons are tiny, making it a bit hard to manage things when you’re out and about, such as walking the dogs.

Anyhow, end of rant. What do you think of the article? Is this sort of thing an issue for you too?

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