Will you help me with your answer?

I have a website. Now I want to increase its page rank and also trafic. But the problem is I have tried hard to found some site where I can creat my backlink, but it is very difficuel. Some of site after creat backlink showing that after approve my comment they will publist. But they no approve and my comment is not publish. But some of sites are publish just then. This kind of site I want a lot. I need this kind of site. But where I will found ang get that? Can anyone help me with answer where I will found such kind of many site where I can build my link reliable. Also if you give me list of backlink site it will be very helpful for me. Thanks.

You may have to try Paul’s Angela’s backlinks these gives sudden approval and very beneficial for you. The best thing is this these backlinks index fast in Google, found a best company provides the packets of these backlinks and use them for your site promotion.

Why is your goal for a new site to get backlinks rather than to get in front of potential users? SEO is only a part of the puzzle. Think broader.

The consensus here in the past has been that that is a spam tool and so not one that we can condone or recommend using.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe what you are talking about is commenting on blogs, and that where they are moderated your comments are not being accepted, and what you want is blogs where approval is instant.
Unfortunately, if your comments are refused then they are either not good enough or not relevant or both, and that is what you need to work on. Find relevant blogs where you can make a genuine contribution, and a link may be your reward. Any blog that isn’t moderated is likely to have been spammed already (or will be), and a link from it will not be of much use to you.